Everyone at Wide Eyes has been super excited to welcome a new member to the team this week.
Midas is an 18 year old male Golden x Steppe eagle that Luke worked with over ten years ago.  When Martin from extreme falconry got in touch to say he was looking for a new home for him, we just knew he had to join the team.
A lot of work has gone in to preparing for his arrival.  The team have had to clear an entire new area, the ground has had to levelled and a lot of wheel barrow loads of shingle have been put down.  A brand new mews was constructed to house him, and then a couple of days before we went to pick him up we found the mews flooded and had a last minute panic to put in additional drainage.
Luke, armed with a huge travel box, drove to Dorset to pick Midas up and bring him back to Wide Eyes.  He travelled brilliantly and we are now just giving him a little time to settle in and familiarise himself with his new surroundings.  We are certainly looking forward to being able to start training and preparing him for the upcoming show season, he is a very exciting addition to the team!
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